Housing Iowa Conference

Understanding Fair Housing: Best Practices For Housing Providers - Half-Day Session!

September 8, 2021, 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM

Todd Schmidt, Senior Staff Attorney
Iowa Legal Aid and Manager of Iowa Legal Aid's Fair Housing Project

How can landlords and property managers navigate the myriad of state and federal fair housing laws and consistently provide equal housing opportunities to their tenants?

In this half-day session, you will receive a broad overview of fair housing laws and learn about rights, obligations, and best practices on several vital and topical fair housing issues, including:


  • Reasonable accommodations and modification requests, such as support animals, physical modifications, and special rules for recipients of federal housing assistance.

  • Design and construction standards.

  • Rules pertaining to families with children.

  • Criminal background checks.

  • Fair housing and COVID-19.

  • Fair housing for immigrants, non-English speakers, and religious beliefs.

Don’t miss this session for the very latest on fair housing in Iowa, common fair housing scenarios that occur in the state (and how to avoid them) and interactive discussions.

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