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Housing Iowa Conference

The Power Close: Continued Session!

September 5, 2019, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Don Sanders

It is all about the close! Unfortunately, many companies forget that the close starts from square one, with marketing, tools and training of every employee at the community, from Community Manager to Housekeeper. There are multiple levels of closing that occur before the application is ever executed.  Explore: marketing attention closes, telephone greeting closes, first impression closes, personality closes, demonstration closes and many more!  This class is appropriate for new sales people, experienced sales people and especially those who supervise sales people. 

Prepare to learn through laughter as Mr. Sanders teaches through real life experiences as a Leasing Specialists, Leasing Director, Community Manager, Marketing Director and Vice President.  Meet some of his most difficult clients and challenging colleagues as you sit back and hear motivational and educational stories that drive you to insane laughter and learning all at once!

Most of all, leave this session with a new empowerment for sales, become a management super hero of sorts, gain “The Power Close”!

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