September 8, 2022, 2:00 PM - 4:45 PM (US Central)

Tiffany Manuel, PhD
President & CEO, TheCaseMade

Do you ever struggle to explain why housing matters? As professionals in the housing industry, it can often be difficult to convey the importance of housing and to build public support for investing in the housing needs of those in our communities. However, in a time of budget cuts related to housing and the increased need to build more housing to address affordability issues, it is more important than ever that housing professionals have a strong and persuasive message to share.

This keynote presentation by Dr. Tiffany Manuel will provide proven strategies for advancing housing issues taken from hundreds of housing campaigns across the country.  Dr. Manuel will provide an overview of how public audiences think about housing as an issue area; explain how/why some of our messaging is backfiring; and help you think through what language will help elevate your work. She will also help you understand how to counter the thorny challenges of community opposition to affordable housing.  Join us for this important and engaging keynote on messaging that will help you create and implement more effective messaging techniques!