Housing Iowa Conference

The Iowa Profile: Free Data Resource for Housing Needs Assessments

September 8, 2021, 3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

Tim Gottgetreu, Western Economic Services

Learn how you can leverage the power of the Iowa Profile data tool to generate custom demographic, economic and housing reports for your region and minimize costs related to housing needs assessments.

The Iowa Profile is a free resource and provides interactive and downloadable data on a statewide and county-level basis as well as for every city, housing trust fund and Councils of Government region and offers fully customizable regions and census tract level mapping. The tool has been redesigned for easier navigation, enhanced mapping capabilities and now includes printable executive summaries for every city in Iowa.

The tool provides useful data to city, county and state planners, developers, Realtors, housing advocates and others interested in the health and change of Iowa’s housing markets, economy and population. The session will include an in-depth demonstration overview of the data, a call for action to complete the newly available digital housing needs assessments within the tool, as well as examples of how communities and planning organizations may use it to fulfill their planning needs.

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