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Housing Iowa Conference

Fair Housing: The Dos and Don'ts of Criminal Screening Policies

September 5, 2019, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Michael W. Skojec, Attorney at Law


Attendees will learn the dos and don’ts of drafting and implementing a criminal conviction screening policy, best practices in screening policies, answers to frequently asked questions about criminal background checks and more...directly from the Co-Author of the widely-referenced whitepaper on the subject. 

The Supreme Court officially recognized disparate impact theory as a method for bringing a lawsuit under the Fair Housing Act in 2015.


The Department of Housing and Urban Development issued guidance discussing how a criminal conviction screening policies could violate the Fair Housing Act under disparate impact theory. 

Housing providers need to be aware that racial disparities in incarceration rates will result in certain races, like African Americans, being denied housing more often than other races because of criminal screening policies.  

Learn how your criminal conviction screening policy could violate the Fair Housing Act under disparate impact theory…and how to ensure you’re in compliance.

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