Housing Iowa Conference

Telling the Housing Story through Successful Media Relationships

September 8, 2021, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM



Katie Ward, Wixted & Co. | John Steppe, The Gazette

It’s never been more important to effectively share the far-ranging impact housing has on Iowa families and communities. We all know that the work we do is good work but sometimes we do not always get our story out for the rest of the community to hear. How can you build a relationship with local members of the media so that they come to you for input on housing news? What types of stories should you pitch the media? Which outlets should you pitch? How should you pitch them? What should you share with them if you do get an interview? Attendees will learn answers to these questions and more from a former media member turned public relations professional as well as current members of the media themselves. Prepare to walk away from this session with clear guidance on how best to get your housing stories the press they deserve.

Categories:   Leadership
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