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Housing Iowa Conference

Rural Housing 360

September 4, 2019, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Steve Gilbert, Rural Housing 360

The session will outline a strategy that promises to strengthen local communities by allowing Iowans the opportunity to live where they work, stabilize school enrollment, utilize existing city infrastructure and to enhance the ability of employers to grow their respective businesses.

The Rural Housing 360 goal is to make high performance housing accessible, affordable and a reality for hard- working Iowans by providing established pathways for mortgage approvals.

This strategy involves working backwards from a mortgage approval and into a solution. What has resulted is a real opportunity that allows for an individual to be successful in buying a new home that is within reach of their income and shows equity without the need for down payment or closing costs to obtain a mortgage.

Rural Housing 360 Partners:

  • Communities: Offering empty lots to buyers thus reducing costs

  • Local & National Lenders: Offering $0 Down & $0 Closing Loans

  • Real Estate Agencies: Assistance in selling your current home

  • Local Contractors: Project management & reduced mobilization costs

  • Modular Home Builders: Eliminate waste, quality control, speed

  • Technology: Website allows for streamlined process & accessibility

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