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Lunch | Gov. Reynolds Historic Announcement for Housing | Rebranding Affordable Housing in Iowa

September 8, 2021, 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM

Governor Reynolds

Expanding housing opportunities to meet the demands of Iowa’s vibrant and growing economy is a top priority of Governor Reynolds.

Governor Reynolds’ 2021 housing bill was touted as the boldest plan for transformational housing growth in recent history nationwide and had far-ranging support from a comprehensive list of business and industry, because adequate housing for Iowans, regardless of income, benefits all of us.

The Iowa Legislature passed millions of dollars in housing resources from the Governor’s housing bill that will spur transformational change over the next five years, but the work is not done.    

Join us as Governor Reynolds makes a historic announcement of additional housing investments that will increase the supply of housing options and protect and expand housing opportunities for all Iowans

Debi Durham, IFA | IEDA Executive Director

Join us for the unveiling of eye-opening new research on the public perceptions of affordable housing in Iowa as well as the data-driven answers to continuously trending questions, including:

Is the term “affordable” housing really a ten-letter word to avoid?


What research-based messaging about the benefits of housing resonates the most with Iowans of all backgrounds?

As a matter of public policy, 72% of Iowans support affordable housing. This support is bipartisan and crosses the urban-rural divide.

And yet, the small number of opponents are far more likely than supporters to voice their concerns than supporters are to show their support for developments in their communities.

Until now.

If Iowa is going to meet the needs of our robust economy, including an additional 47,000 housing units by 2030, Iowans in support of affordable housing must be heard. Learn about the upcoming new HousingIowa Challenge and how all Iowans will be able to log their support for housing to help ensure that our essential workers can live in the communities in which they work.

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