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Housing Iowa Conference

Enhancing Your Emotional, Behavioral and Leadership Intelligence - Half Day Session!

September 4, 2019, 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM

Jason Kiesau

What impact do you want to make?

Emotional and Behavioral Intelligence are today's survival of the fittest. Those who can productively adapt to people and situations as needed will see greater success professionally (not to mention personally). Emotional and behavioral intelligence are also the foundation of exceptional leadership.

During this session, current and aspiring leaders will reflect on who they are and who they need to be to have their desired impact. Training participants will also learn the four key areas and 15 sub areas of the behavioral intelligence model and which of the four dominant patterns of behavior (DPB) describes them the most.

Through understanding your DPB, attendees will gain greater insight into their needs for security and stress triggers - two critical dynamics of self-management, relationship building and goal achievement. Finally, you will discover what all of this means for you as you position yourself (or polish your existing skills to become an extraordinary leader for your organization.)

Categories:   Leadership
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