September 7, 2023, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM (US Central)

SPEAKER: Scott Michael Dunn, Costello Companies 



If it hasn’t been in your life so far, it likely will be! What is it? The Average Income Test (AIT) – the newest minimum set-aside available to developers of tax credit properties. The final AIT regulation has been released by the IRS. The AIT is potentially a very important tool many owners will use to build financially healthy tax credit properties. This session will cover what the rule says and discuss how to build a checklist for AIT compliance success.

Topics covered: 
•    Review of the new AIT regulation. 
•    Key areas to cover in your AIT policy.
•    Developing a checklist to implement the AIT (we'll give you a huge head start).
•    How state AIT policies influence the implementation plan for a property.
•    The AIT "job description" - Duties that must be covered for AIT success.
•    Combining the AIT with other housing programs. 
•    A workbook full of references to key IRS guidance and other useful documents.

Plan to leave better prepared to manage AIT compliance with confidence!