September 7, 2023, 9:15 AM - 10:30 AM (US Central)

SPEAKER: Scott Michael Dunn, Costello Companies



The HOME and National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF)  programs are important ways to fund affordable housing in Iowa. 
•    IFA’s roles: PJ and Grantee 
•    NHTF contrasted with HOME and local HTFs. 
•    Building your HOME/NHTF calendar - written agreement & affordability period. 
•    Fixed or floating designations.
•    Income and rent limits and utility allowances.
•    Fees and rent changes. 
•    Qualifying households – 2 options for income eligibility and the one IFA chooses.
•    Student rules?
•    Recertifications and household income increases.
•    A workbook with references to key HUD guidance and other useful documents.

Plan to leave better prepared to provide housing using the HOME and/or NHTF programs.